Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sheriff Judd

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Audition Location: Kresge 2-430

New building and room location for Monday, July 14 and Tuesday, July 15th:

Northwestern Campus in Evanston
Kresge Hall
1880 Campus Drive
Room 2-430 (2nd floor, room 430)


Kresge is smack in the middle of the south part of campus, pretty close to Fisk. Still pretty close to parking. Beware as the building is connected to another building called Crowe Hall. Signs will be posted. See you there!

I Reserved a Broom Closet

Well, not exactly. I had put in a reservation for a space in the Fisk building using Northwestern's online reservation system, only to find that the space was a locked computer lab and not a basic classroom as I had anticipated. A quick look at the online system revealed that there were several more open spaces. No problem, just put up some signs and point everyone to the new room, right? Wrong. As it is, pretty much every open space that was listed is a locked room, secured with keypad entry. I was able to at least get a peek into one of them as some students from the high school summer program came out, only to find that the "open" classroom was also a secured computer lab. Terrific. As it is, every single basic classroom space in Fisk is already reserved 24/7 for the aforementioned high school summer program students. So, I'm pirating a room on the hope that no one actually needs to use it today.

As for tomorrow, it will be another building and another room to be determined, and not Fisk 111. I should have just had people come to my place. At least there I can offer some tortillas and old fruit.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Evanston Audition Schedule

The Evanston audition schedule:

Sunday, July 13 3pm-7pm
Monday, July 14 4pm-8pm
Tuesday, July 15 4pm-8pm
Northwestern University campus
Exact Room TBA

Please email to RSVP. If you cannot make it but are interested, go ahead and contact me anyway. There are many roles both small and large to fill.